The 5 Lords Of Pain (2 of 2)

Author James Lovegrove gives Words for Life an insight into The 5 Lords of Pain:

“I was asked to write a martial arts series.  I love martial arts films, whether they’re straight kung fu action movies or daft comedies filled with scary, crazy stunts.”

“I decided to write about a boy, Tom Yamada, who has to face a very tough challenge.  Every 30 years, five demons try to take over our world.  Only one person can stop them.  Someone from Tom’s family.”

“Tom isn’t supposed to be fighting the five Lords of Pain until he turns 30.  But something’s gone wrong.  This time, they’re coming back early.  Tom must defeat all five of them even though he hasn’t had nearly enough training.”

“What I enjoyed about writing the series was showing how Tom is really just a normal kid.  He does things any teenage boy likes to do – play video games, eat junk food, chat up girls.  But he also has this secret second life, learning how to battle demons.  He finds it very difficult to balance the two sides of his life.  It means a lot of lying and hiding.  That made him an interesting character to me.”

“I also had fun inventing how the Five Lords of Pain would look and what their fighting skills would be.”

“There are five books in the series.  Each focuses on Tom’s fight against a different Lord of Pain.  Together, all five books tell a single story.  They’re like separate episodes of a TV show.”


Are you interested in becoming a writer?  Learn how James became an author in his Question & Answer session with Words for Life.

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