Babies love music (2 of 2)

Activities for you and your baby
• Turn off the TV and radio, sit your baby on your lap facing you and sing one of your favourite songs. It doesn’t matter what song you sing; if you enjoy it, so will your baby. It could be the latest chart topper, a ballad, or a traditional nursery song. Don’t worry if you don’t think you sound great; your baby will love the sound of your voice.

Helps her to learn to listen and to learn about how one sound follows another – a skill that will help with reading and writing later on.

• Include your baby’s name in the song. Vary the tone of your voice. Give your baby time to respond. If he coos, wiggles or makes a face, watch and listen to him carefully to show just how interested you are by his response.

Your baby will feel valued and will learn about turn taking in conversation.

• Sing the same songs over and over. Your baby will not get bored hearing them. Try to use rhyming words, and emphasise the rhymes.

She will begin to recognise words and to join in with familiar sequences.

• Add movement to your words. Move with your baby to the beat and clap your hands or your baby’s hands in time. Dance to the music – you can use a sling to dance together when he is very young.

He will learn about the pulse and rhythms of language.

• Create sound effects. Use your hands to clap, your fingers to click and your mouth to make playful sounds and whistles. Fill plastic bottles with sand or beans and shake them.

She will be stimulated by the interesting and varied sounds.

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