David Bedford

David Bedford is the best-selling author of over sixty books, including picture books the Big Bear Little Bear and Mole's in Love, and 'The Team' series of exciting and funny football fiction. He lives in Norfolk with his family and five chickens.

Q: If you could be a storybook character, who would you be?
A: Ender Wiggin from Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. He's a kid who goes on to be an incredible hero.

Q: If you could invite any author to tea, who would it be and why?
A: John Burningham. I've met John at a party and we had a lot to talk about.

Q: What is the best thing about reading?
A: Going through a door into another world and having an adventure there.

Q: And finally…tell us about your Monster Read: what book would you most like to share with the world?
A: My Monster Read is a true Monster story, and the first story written in English that still exists. BEOWULF is a long story poem about a warrior hero called Beowulf. I hope there's a simplified version, because the story is great and everyone should know it. Beowulf is asked to defeat a monster called Grendel, and he agrees. Beowulf waits for Grendel, then manages to get hold of Grendel's arm, and Grendel, trying to pull himself away, pulls his own arm off! Beowulf has won... but now along comes Grendel's mum ... It's a great story, and Grendel is the best monster you could wish for.

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