Environment-themed book list

We have a whole host of titles to teach your child about the best ways to preserve the planet.

Baby to 3

Don’t Throw That Away! Don’t Throw That Away!
By Lara Bergen

Follow an eco-conscious superhero as he teaches kids how to recycle and reuse common household items in this lift-the-flap adventure.

Milly and Flynn Around the World Weather Book Milly and Flynn Around the World Weather Book
By Moira Butterfield

It's never too early to learn about our amazing planet. This book gently introduces children to all sorts of worldwide weather, and to the animals that thrive in it in a variety of habitats.

In the Water In the Water
By Caroline Davis

Drop this waterproof book in your baby's bath for a lots of splashing fun! Your baby can see pictures of a crab, a starfish, a school of fish, an octopus, and a seahorse.

Age 3 to 5

Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World Ten Things I Can Do to Help My World
By Melanie Walsh

A beautifully simple book for small children, revealing ten things that everyone can do to help conserve their world. These include turning off the television properly, walking to school and turning off lights when leaving a room.

Tidy Tidy
By Emily Gravett

Pete the badger likes everything to be neat and tidy, but what starts as the collecting of one fallen leaf escalates and ends with the complete destruction of the forest! Will Pete realise the error of his ways and set things right?

Somebody Swallowed Stanley Somebody Swallowed Stanley
By Sarah Roberts

This book tells the story of the problems a simple plastic bag can create in the oceans and all the creatures the bag might meet on its journey.

The Coral Kingdom The Coral Kingdom
By Laura Knowles

Through gentle rhyme and intricately etched artwork, this book explores the life cycle, diversity and colour of the coral reef ecosystem, as well as the threats the reef faces, and what we can do to save it.

Age 5 to 7

Be Green! Be Green!
By Mandy Archer

This activity book encourages young people to colour, doodle and DIY their way to living a more responsible, sustainable life. Your child can use creativity to explore the environmental issues facing planet Earth, discover how you can make a difference, and learn top tips on how to protect the environment for future generations.

The Lorax The Lorax
By Dr. Seuss

The Lorax is the original eco warrior as he tries to save the Truffula trees from the greedy once-ler’s axe. Dr Seuss’s trademark zany pictures and unique rhyme, rhythm and repetition are all found in this wonderful book.

What a Waste What a Waste
By Jess French

This environmental book will teach keen young ecologists about how our actions affect planet Earth. As well as explaining where we're going wrong, What a Waste also explains the plans already in motion to save our seas, how countries are implementing schemes that are having a positive impact, and how your waste can be turned into something useful.

Age 7 to 11

This Book is Not Rubbish: 50 Ways to Ditch Plastic, Reduce Rubbish and Save the World! This Book is Not Rubbish: 50 Ways to Ditch Plastic, Reduce Rubbish and Save the World!
By Isabel Thomas

Our planet needs your help! But the good news is that there are loads of easy ways that you can make a difference. From throwing a planet party and ditching straws, to banning glitter and becoming an art-activist, helping to save the planet is not as difficult as you think. It's time to take control help clear the world of all this rubbish!

Plastic Sucks! Plastic Sucks!
By Dougie Poynter

Plastic is everywhere and it sucks. It fills up our oceans, endangers our wildlife and never goes away. This book covers the history of plastic, introduces us to some key campaigners and eco-entrepreneurs, and is full of top tips and infographics.

Astonishing Art with Recycled Rubbish Astonishing Art with Recycled Rubbish
By Susan Martineau

Impress your friends and help the environment by turning junk into amazing works of art. Make an onion fish out of real onion skins, a jewelled collar from can pulls and even mega mosaics with eggshells!

Trailblazers: Jane Goodall Trailblazers: Jane Goodall
By Anita Ganeri

How did Jane Goodall become the world’s leading chimpanzee expert? Find out what led this animal-loving trailblazer to dedicate her life to primatology and conservation, and share her amazing discoveries with the world.

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