Festive literacy tips

The Christmas holidays are a very busy time of year, but they can also provide some brilliant opportunities for simple, fun ways to develop your child’s literacy skills over the school break.

We’ve put together some of our top tips to support reading, writing and communication:

  • Christmas cards – encourage your child to write Christmas cards to school friends, teachers and family members. If they’re younger, buy a set with a pre-written message but get them to sign their name on each one – this repetition is great for learning. If you have time you could make your own cards together.
  • Festive recipes – writing a shopping list, finding the right ingredients in the shop and following a recipe are all fantastic, fun ways to improve your child’s literacy skills. Try our festive gingerbread biscuits recipe for an easy, child-friendly bake!

  • Sing carols or festive songs – following along with lyrics to sing festive songs is a great way to boost reading and listening skills. Plus, for younger children, the rhyme and rhythm of songs is great for developing early language.

  • Read festive stories – there are a huge number of stories that you and your child can read together to get you in the festive spirit. We’ve put together a list of our favourite festive books which you can enjoy.

  • Write a letter to Santa – asking your child to write a wishlist to Santa is a great way to harness all that Christmas excitement into a simple activity that will give them some handwriting practise. Read our tips on how to write the perfect letter to Santa Claus.

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