Guy Bass

What books did you read when you were a child?
Ladybird books were everywhere. We had a lot of books about animals. Mainly, I loved Roald Dahl, the Silver Brumby books by Elyne Mitchell, The Willard Price Adventure books, and an excellent book about dinosaurs called Dinosaurs.
If you could be a storybook character who would you be?
The Very Hungry Caterpillar.
What is the best thing about reading?
The moment where you become lost in a book – when it’s effortless and organic and unexpected. The rest of the world disappears and the words merge with your imagination. Freedom of the brain!

What is your all time favourite book?
George’s Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl and/or The Encyclopaedia of Superheroes by Jeff Rovin
Other than reading books what is the most important thing a parent can do to help develop their children’s communication skills?
Talk. Talk about their interests as well as your interests, and ask as many questions as you answer.
How big a part did your parents play in encouraging your writing skills?
My mum was an English teacher – reading and writing were always a priority. She used to make up stories as well as read to me. I’m not saying the books were better than the stories she made up, but they really were.
How do you encourage your children or grandchildren to read, what books do you enjoy reading with them?
I don’t mind admitting I’ve read my own books to my nephews and niece (but only because they asked!) Basically I’ll read whatever they enjoy. I have no problem reading the same book over and over. If a child reads the same book ten times they’re still trying something new each time – re-reading is rediscovery.

Guy Bass is an award-winning author whose children's books series include Stitch Head, Spynosaur, The Legend of Frog, Dinkin Dings and Atomic! In 2010 Dinkin Dings and the Frightening Things won the Blue Peter Award for Most Fun Book with Pictures.

Guy has also written plays for both adults and children. He has previously been a theatre producer, illustrator, temp, gerbil whisperer and has acted his way out of several paper bags. Guy spent his childhood reading comics and hoping one day to become a superhero. He spends his adulthood in more or less the same way. Guy lives in London with his wife and no dog - yet.

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