Helping with reading: 5-7

How to help with reading
Be positive. Praise your child for trying hard at their reading. Let them know it’s all right to make mistakes. Turn off the TV! It's easier for your child to concentrate if there are no distractions.
Give them time. Let them make a guess before you tell them the word. Help them to get the first sound or try breaking the word up into smaller sections.
Point with a finger. Encourage them to follow the words with their finger.
Don’t make them try too hard! It doesn’t matter if you have to tell them the word sometimes.
Let them read their favourites. It's good practice to read the same books over and over again.
Ask lots of questions. Check they understand the story by asking them questions about what happens. Use the pictures to explain what's happening.
Don’t read for too long. A good ten minutes is better than a difficult half hour.
Activities to try at home. Organise a treasure hunt around the house on a rainy day. Give your child a list of things that they can find in the house and see how quickly they can collect all the items.
Create a monster dictionary by making up names of frightening monsters that begin with different letters of the alphabet. Ask your child to draw a picture of each one.
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