Milestones - By three months

Newborn baby and mum Babies recognise the sound of their mother’s voice from birth and before, being aware of their first language within days. A parent talking to a very young baby often calms them. Babies are fascinated by faces and will copy movements. If you stick out your tongue they’ll often respond. By five to six weeks babies start smiling. They use different cries to express how they are feeling and respond to loud noises. Around three months babies are making cooing noises.

Taking part
Your baby will enjoy looking at faces, especially their parents. Singing gently to a baby helps them listen and learn and it’s never too soon to talk. Make sure you look at your baby when you talk to her. Your baby will take turns by moving, cooing or making facial expressions. Try to always respond in some way when your child is trying to communicate.

Check it out Talk to your baby commenting on what he’s doing when you feed, change and bath him.
  • Does your baby watch your face while you talk?

  • Does your baby turn towards your voice and sometimes join in?

  • Is your baby cooing and gurgling to herself?

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