Make your own non-fiction book

Making a non-fiction book with your child can be a fun, creative activity to do together. It can also help to boost a range of skills, including critical thinking, concentration and memory.

Every child will grow up to write non-fiction later in life – essays at school, reports at work and even emails all count! Sparking their interest at an early age can help them to develop vital skills to use later in life.

Creating a non-fiction book is a surprisingly simple activity that will prove engaging and exciting for your child. Here’s how to get started:

Decide on a topic

What is your child really interested in? The best thing about non-fiction is the wide range of topics it can cover.

A non-fiction book can be as specific or general as you like. Is your child a fan of a particular sportsman or woman? The book could be all about that person’s life! Or if your child’s a budding astronaut, their book could be all about outer space.

Do your research

Once you’ve chosen a topic, use the internet or head to your local library to gather resources. If your child wants to write a book on a specific person or event, a print out of a Wikipedia page or news article could be a good place to start. If they want to write about a wider topic, getting a range of books on that subject from the library can help them pick and choose which facts they want to include in their book.

Get crafty!

Provide your child with a variety of different materials to help them make their book. Paper, card, glue and string can provide the basis for the book – or you can help them staple the pages together. Add a variety of coloured pens and pencils, stencils, stickers and glitter and your child will be well on the way to making their very own non-fiction book.

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