Sarah Mackie

What books did you read when you were a child?
The Magic Faraway Tree series was my favourite, until I discovered Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, which I would read to my older sister before bedtime, making up additional scenes as I went; she was disappointed when the film came out that so many scenes were missing!

If you could be a storybook character who would you be?
I would be Babe the sheep-pig, because I know that I can be whatever I want to be, so long as I’m prepared to listen, learn and work hard.  At the moment I’m an author, but next year, perhaps I’ll be a ballet dancer! Oh and I LOVE pigs!

What is the best thing about reading?
The best thing about reading is that it takes me away from things, so if I’m worried, bored or over excited, I can lose myself for half an hour or so and things don’t seem to be quite so bad.

What is your all-time favourite book?
My absolute favourite book is Goodnight Mister Tom, I must have read it fifty times. When there’s so much bad news in the world it reminds me that the vast majority of people are generous and full of love.

Sarah Mackie lives in Bedfordshire with her husband and three labradoodles - Milo, Lily and Lola. Out of Time, the first book in the Sam Bentley Adventures series is out now.

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