Under the sea activities

You can use this summery theme as inspiration for family activities that will help boost your children’s literacy skills, whilst being fun at the same time.

Sea Themed arts and crafts
Learning to follow directions is a key literacy skill. A great activity you can do with your child that exercises this skill and helps spark their imagination is themed arts and crafts activities. Get out the crayons or paints and create a seascape, or design your own sandcastle.  We have some ideas for making your own tropical paper plate fish or sea-themed mobile here.

Imagining a ‘Day in the Life’
Another enjoyable activity to get children talking about the watery world of the sea is to encourage them to imagine a ‘day in the life’ of their favourite sea creature or character (real or imaginary). What must it be like to swim like a fish or crawl like a crab – can they describe it and do the actions? What about living in a rock pool versus the wider ocean? Would being a mermaid or a pirate be fun? Young children can be read to or shown pictures, and older children can do their own research online or from library books. They could even be encouraged to write stories from the point of view of their favourite sea creature.

A day exploring the beach
Children are fascinated by the sea and the creatures that call it home, as our selection of Under the Sea themed books shows! A great way to help your child understand the natural habitat of the animals in the stories is to take them to the shore to explore. Make a list of all the creatures they recognise, what kind of places they call home, and point out how different one is from another. They could draw pictures of what they see and even make a scrapbook.  If you can’t make it to the seaside, why not visit an aquarium or find out facts about fish and sharks in a dictionary?

Recipes from the shore
Why not make some sea-themed snacks with your children and involve them in the preparation?  Together you can write a shopping list and tick off the ingredients as you find them at the shop, then follow a recipe together.  You could try making sea-shell pasta salad, tuna sandwiches or fish-shaped biscuits, rice crispie treats or fruit snacks. Remember almost anything can be under the sea themed when cut with a fish-shaped cookie cutter! If you have time, blue jelly with gummy fish in makes a great treat.

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