Why read series fiction?

Why encourage your children to read series fiction?
Series fiction can be a great route into reading, especially for reluctant readers. Having a next book to move on to can be very motivating and will help encourage your child to continue to read about favourite characters. The collectable nature of the books helps maintain interest, and books often end on a cliff hanger to encourage children progress to the next book. Once your child has finished a series you can move them on to a more advanced set. (see our booklist for suggestions!).

Isn’t series fiction too repetitive?
Book series provide great reading practice for children. The familiarity of the style and format of the series can give children confidence and confident readers will enjoy reading more. We know that once children have started to read for enjoyment they should make better reading progress and achieve more at school.

How do I help my child discover series fiction?
There is a huge variety of series fiction [hyperlink to booklist] available. Before buying a whole series, help your child discover which genres they like by visiting your local library and trying a few different books. Try to get a range of different types of fiction – remember that girls could be just as interested in reading Beast Quest as Rainbow Fairies! If you end up buying the books, you could encourage book swapping if your child’s friends are reading the same series.

What do I do when my child finishes a series?
This is an excellent opportunity for moving your child on to a more challenging series, and developing their reading skills, grammar and vocabulary. You could choose a similar-themed series at a higher level, or encourage your child to branch out and pick something quite different. Our booklist breaks down series fiction by age group, so you can find something suitable.

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