Active scavenger hunt

Active scavenger hunt

Why not try this scavenger hunt with your child? This activity will get them using their muscles with things you have to hand and around your home or garden. It includes using both big and small movements and is suitable to do inside or outside. You can even join in too!

Moving around is good for children’s health – and it helps them explore the world around them.

All you need are some everyday objects from around your home.

Setting up

Ask your child to find somewhere or something to:

  • Climb
  • Crawl under
  • Jump over
  • Balance on their head
  • Carry with both hands
  • Roll across the ground
  • Pick up with your thumb and finger
  • Zip or fasten
  • Squish
  • Snap
  • Stack on top of one another

Which objects will you use?

For the big movements, you could use the sofa to climb up, a table to crawl under, a teddy to jump over, a book to balance and a cushion to carry with both hands.

For the small movements, you could use a spoon to pick up with your thumb and finger, clothes to zip or fasten, a banana that’s squishy, a button that’s tiny, a twig that snaps and cups that stack on top of each other.