Book games for story time

Happiness and reading

These fun book games and activities will work for any book your child is reading.

Guess Who

  • Choose a character from a book you’re reading together.
  • Describe how they look or who they know.
  • Ask your child to guess the character. 

Challenge: Make this trickier by using one word to describe the character. 

Find an object

Think about the characters in the book you’re reading together.

  • Put on a 2-minute timer. 
  • Now both of you try to find an object in the house that best describes a character in the book. 
  • Take it in turns to guess which character you’re trying to describe. 

Challenge: Make this harder by saying the object must be in the room you’re currently in. 

Changing title

Ask your child to pick some of their favourite books and make up new titles for them. Can you match the new titles with the originals? 

Picture it

If you’re reading a picture book, choose a page with a detailed picture on it. 

  • Give your child 90 seconds to look at the picture.
  • Cover up the picture.
  • How many things on the page can they remember and describe?

Dressing up

Use whatever you have at home to act out scenes from your child’s favourite book. Use your imaginations!