Create your own Christmas card competition

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It’s never too early to start thinking about Christmas!

Making Christmas cards is a great indoor activity for you and your child to do as it gets darker and chillier this winter. Not only is it fun, but whoever receives your child’s card will appreciate and cherish your little one’s handmade artwork!

Designing your own greeting cards can help your child express their creativity as they experiment with different materials and designs and stay in touch with friends and family who might live faraway.

How to design your own Christmas card

You will need:

  • Coloured card or paper
  • Colourful felt tips, paint or pencils
  • Paintbrushes
  • Glitter glue
  • Pom poms
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps


  • Fold a piece of card or paper in half and choose whether you would like your card to be portrait or landscape.
  • Next, decide what Christmas-themed design you would like to put on your card. This could be Father Christmas, a snowflake or a sparkly bauble! If you’re stuck, think of your favourite thing about Christmas and have a go at putting that on your page.
  • Think about the crafty tools you could use to bring your card to life. You can get creative here - feel free to use your fingers to create fairy lights, or your hand to create a reindeer with antlers (make sure you’re using washable finger paints though!)
  • Use glitter or pom poms for extra details. You could use silver glitter for snow or pom poms as baubles on a Christmas tree!
  • After you’ve finished your design, make sure it’s fully dry first (if you used paint). Open your card and write a meaningful message for a special friend or family member.
  • Add the person’s name to the envelope. If you are sending it in the post, add their address and a stamp.
  • Have a go at making another one!

WIN the chance to publish your card!

Before you send your card in the post, why not submit it to our Christmas card design competition? The competition is open to children aged between 5 and 11 in the UK and will be judged by award-winning author and illustrator Nadia Shireen. 12 winning designs will be available to purchase as printed or digital cards to raise money for our charity from 15 November.

To enter, email your card to email before 1 November!