Download royal activities

We've got some right royal activities for you and your little ones to try. Have a go at making a mini book, designing a shield, creating a door hanger and more!

Dave and Albrecht from Knighthood for Beginners are trying to convince the court that being small, green and a dragon is no barrier to knighthood. Dive into the world of knights and dragons by designing your own shield! You can win Knighthood for Beginners in our royal-themed book giveaway, thanks to OUP.

Design your own shield

Twins, Victoria Stitch and Celestine, are denied their royal birth-right. Celestine accepts the decision but Victoria Stitch wants power. Make your own mini book in this activity and enter our book giveaway to win Victoria Stitch: Bad and Glittering, thanks to OUP.

Make your own mini book

Shhh! Don't disturb the dragons. Nobody wants them to fly away, so everyone has to follow the rules and make sure everything stays the same to keep the dragons happy... but Princess Grace HATES the rules. Make up your own rules and much more in this activity pack, courtesy of Bloomsbury. Enter our royal-themed book giveaway to to win Do Not Disturb the Dragons.

Create a door hanger, complete the word search and more