Find out your superhero name

Dog in superhero mask.jpg

Your child will love finding out their superhero name! They just need to take the first letter of their first name and surname and use the list below.

You could also help them to find out the names of friends and family members. This activity is a great way to introduce your child to lots of new words.

First name

A- Captain

B- Super

C- Doctor

D- The Phantom

E- Ultra

F- Amazing

G- Lightning

H- Giant

I- Razor

J- Steel

K- Ghost

L- Secret Agent

M-Top Agent

N- Kinetic

O- Black

P- The Great

Q- Major

R- Professor

S- Mighty

T- Crimson

U- Tough

V- Iron

W- Thunder

X- The Flying

Y- Wonder

Z- Space

Last name


B- Hornet

C- Wolf

D- Storm

E- Master

F- Cobra

G- Brain

H- Knight

I- Claw

J- Beast

K- Viper

L- Edge

M- Blaze

N- Fang

O- Falcon

P- Soldier

Q- Avenger

R- Wing

S- Justice

T- Machine

U- Guard

V- Ninja

W- Arrow

X- Ranger

Y- Ivy

Z- Eagle