Functional Skills

Looking for help with your writing ahead of your Functional Skills exam? These activities will help you be a better writer. Learn about writing work emails, how to set up a work meeting and top tips for improving your writing.

Top tips to improve your writing for Functional Skills

Things you can do every day to become a better writer.

Activity 1: professional communication in the workplace

Learn the difference between formal and informal communication.

Activity 2: writing emails at work

Tips on how to write a professional email.

Activity 3: work related language

Find out how to understand acronyms and other language of the workplace.

Activity 4: replying to work emails
See examples and learn how to response to a complaint.

Activity 5: setting up a meeting

Things to think about when organising a meeting.

Activity 6: letter writing

A letter writing template and how to write formal and informal letters.

Your Words for Work word bank

A list of formal words that are often used in the workplace.