Go on a nature quest

Squirrel and worm

If you can't make our Elephant story trail, you can still have a go at these fun activities in any local green space!

To get started, all you need is a pencil and paper!

Activities inspired by your local green space

Terrific trees

Trees nature quest

The next time you visit your local park, can you find the tallest tree?

How old do you think it is?

What about the youngest tree?

When do you think it was planted?

Stretch as tall as you can and copy the movements of the tallest tree. Is it very still, or is it blowing slightly?

Did you know?

You can count the tree rings to find out how old it is! Trees have growth rings inside their trunk. If you count each ring – that is how many years it has been alive for!

Trees can live for thousands of years. Brazil has the most species of tree in their country. They have 5,776 tree species there!

How many different species of tree can you see right now? You can tell trees apart by looking at their height, and inspecting the shape and colour of their leaves.

Boy nature quest

Mindful moment

Stop and rest under a tree and close your eyes for a minute. What can you hear? Write down some words to describe the sounds, for example, ‘buzzing bees’ or ‘rustling leaves’.

Did you know?

Being around trees can help us feel relaxed and happy. Write down words to describe how you are feeling and put them into a nature report about your journey so far.

Wild Words

Flower nature quest

Write a nature-themed acrostic poem about your nature quest adventure. An acrostic poem is a poem where the first letter of each line spells out the word the poem is about, like this example about a leaf:

L ight makes the leaves strong

E very leaf has a stem

A mazing shapes and sizes

F ind them on the ground in Autumn.

Now write your own acrostic poem on the next page using the word NATURE.

Bugs nature quest

Make some art!

Find a flat, open are in your green space. Use natural objects to create a picture of something you have seen today. It could be an animal, tree or flower, or maybe a minibeast. You can use items you’ve collected along your trail such as leaves, twigs and petals or stones anything you like!

Illustration © Chloe Breeze 2021

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