I saw a Bee activities

I saw a Bee cover photo

These fun activities inspired by the book I Saw a Bee, are a great way to develop your child's creativity. Encourage your child to draw and colour different insects, plants and flowers using these free resources.


Have a go at these fun activities with your child and help them to recognise different insects in the wild.

I saw a Bee colouring sheet

Colour in these creepy crawlies and see if you can find them in the book, garden or park!

I saw a Bee drawing and colouring sheet

Draw and colour something surprising popping out the box!

I saw a Bee activity page

Find as many bees and ladybirds as you can in this activity!

About I saw a Bee

A little boy is alarmed when he discovers a bee in a box. At first he is frightened and reacts aggressively. But gradually he realises that the bee won't harm him and that they can be friends.

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