Make your own bookmark activity

child with paint

You can make story time a little more special by helping your child make their own bookmark. This is a fun activity to get them thinking about books and bring out their creative side.

First, cut out a rectangle of card. You can use an empty cereal box if you have one. The size doesn’t matter too much, as long as it can fit into a book.

Then encourage your little one to decorate it. They can use different colours and patterns. You can help them write their name or the title of their favourite book, TV show or character.

They can make a bookmark for every member of your family. Make personal with their name or something they like.

To make the bookmark extra special, try making a small hole in the top corner of the card. You can poke a pencil through the card to make the hole. Then thread a piece of ribbon or string through the hole. Tie a knot to secure it. It adds a bit of colour and makes it even more unique.

While your child is making their bookmark, ask them about their favourite books. What do they want to read next?

Use the bookmark for story time as a great keepsake.