My favourite subject

My favourite subject

Encouraging your child with their interests can help them enjoy books even more. The next time you’re looking at books – at home, in a shop or at a library – think about what your child likes. It could be animals, trains, a special place or person.

See if you can find a book about that subject.

Sit down together and read it. Talk to them about their favourite things and why they like it. Sometimes children need to be asked questions to get chatting. Things like why, how and what.

By encouraging your child to have their own interests, you’re supporting their independence and confidence.

You can also talk to your child about your interests and the things you like.

Children’s interests will often change as they get older and discover new things. Support them to like new things in their own time and help them explore them in this same way.

As well as books, you can also look for toys or stickers that reflect this interest. You might be able to find or make a poster about it that you can stick up in your child’s room.

Good to know

Choosing a book about your child’s interest will help their concentration. They’ll learn that books can teach them about their favourite things.