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Are you absolutely football mad? Take a look at our football-focused reading and writing activities, in partnership with Premier League.

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World Book Day

Join our LIVE event!

To celebrate World Book Day join CBBC presenter Kenzie Benali and Football School authors Alex Bellos and Ben Lyttleton for a fun, free live event at 9.15am on World Book Day, Thursday 4 March.

Together, they will run an interactive quiz, including a round led by footballers from the Premier League, the English Football League, and Women’s Super League!

You can submit questions about football, writing and reading, and even ask for a shout out! You can take part no matter where you are, whether you are learning in a classroom or learning at home. There’s also a challenge to take part in, and even a free book for you as well – it’s all to play for!

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Host a quiz

Alex and Ben are challenging you run your own quiz as well, and there's even the chance it could be shared with the Premier League! From Wednesday 3 March you can download a free activity to help you from the Premier League Primary Stars website.

Want to win a box of books for your school? Go on then!

Teachers - we'd love to know your feedback following the live event. Sign up below to let us know your thoughts and add your name to the prize draw!


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Read Football School: Where Football Rules the World

This book is packed with awesome true stories, real science and fascinating facts that will make you laugh loads. When do footballers poo? Can you play football on Mars? What is a magic sponge? Find out the answers to these questions and more!

Hear from top football authors

Girls FC author, Helena Pielichaty

During National Storytelling Week, CBBC presenter Ben Shires hosted a live event with Girls FC author, Helena Pielichaty!

Helena lead a fun character workshop and answered your questions on football, writing, reading and lots more in a live Q&A.

Catch up on the live event

Download a free activity to support the challenge from the Premier League Primary Stars website.

Jamie Johnson author, Dan Freedman

Watch top football author, Dan Freedman, read from The Kick Off.

What does it take to become a football writer? Watch the recording of our live stream with Dan Freedman and Ben Shires to find out. You can also view the video on our Facebook page.

Roy of the Rovers author, Tom Palmer

Watch Tom Palmer read from his book, Roy of the Rovers.

Watch Tom Palmer chat to Ben Shires went live on our Facebook page for a fun-packed online footy quiz, and to hear how a love of football helped Tom find his passion for reading.