Tongue twisters for babies

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Playing silly games to make your baby’s tongue move is a surprising way to help them develop. It makes them more self-aware and develops the muscles in their mouth and tongue – muscles they need to help them speak as they get older.

See if you can find a mirror and sit or stand in front of it with your child. Bring along a food your child likes, for example, jam or yoghurt.

Now, put a little bit of the food around their lips.

Looking in the mirror together, encourage them to lick the food off. Help show them how to make funny faces by putting the food on your own face. See how your tongue and mouth moves.

You can also try sticking your tongues out at each other. Can you roll your tongue? Your baby might think that’s an impressive trick!

Chat to your child as you do this activity and say their name if you need to get their attention. Remember, it’s not really about the food, it’s about who can pull the silliest face!

Good to know

This game may look funny, but it exercises the mouth and tongue muscles which help them learn to speak.