Write a story with Beyond Words for World Mental Health Day

Create your own time capsule

Creative writing is great for your child's wellbeing. As well as improving their writing skills, it can help them talk about difficult feelings.

As part of World Mental Health Day, ask your child to write about "My 2020". How has 2020 been for them? They could write about lockdown, Black Lives Matter or climate change. Perhaps they prefer to write about a personal experience such as family and friends. They could write a story, a poem, or even record a video of them performing their work.

You can then enter the story tothis project by the Bupa Foundation in partnership with the National Literacy Trust, Mind and Cheltenham Festival. It's free to enter and you could win a £40 book token. Some winning stories will even be published in a book!

The Foundation will also donate £3 to children's wellbeing charities for every entry. You can send in your story until 31 October.

The project website has more information as well as fun videos, example stories and activities to help you get started.

Take part in the project