Fun Facebook Lives to entertain your little one!

Facebook Lives

Are you looking for ways to entertain your little one? Does your little one love their digital device? We have an activity that we are sure you are going to love.

Lisa Clissett and Emma Coen from the National Literacy Trust are returning with monthly Hungry Little Minds Facebook Lives on our Facebook page!

Together Emma and Lisa will be bringing a variety of books from Macmillan’s Children’s Books to life through fun activities, imaginative storytelling and chat, play and read activities. All of the videos will have lots of suggestions for parents and carers to continue to help support their children’s literacy and language development at home, getting them ready for when they start primary school.

Earlier this month, Emma ran our first session based on the amazing My Dad is a Grizzly Bear written by Swapna Haddow, illustrated by Dapo Adeola and published by Macmillan Children’s Books.

Below is a sneak peak of the first video so you and your little ones can see what all the fuss is about.

Make sure you tune in to our next Hungry Little Minds Facebook Live! We will have the following titles for the rest of the year:

  • Tuesday 5 July - I'm Actually Really Grown-Up Now by Maisie Paradise Shearring
  • Tuesday 9 August - Freddie and the Fairy by Julia Donaldson and Karen George
  • Tuesday 6 September - A Dress with Pockets by Lily Murray and Jenny Løvlie
  • Tuesday 4 October - Look after us by Rod Campbell
  • Tuesday 1 November - Anna and Otis by Maisie Paradise Shearring
  • Tuesday 6 December - New in Town by Marta Altes

We would love all parents, carers and early years settings to share these sessions far and wide to make sure as many families across the country are watching the videos.