Tom Palmer

A huge thank you to everyone who entered our writing competition. Author Tom Palmer started off a story about a magic pen and the challenge was to finish the tale in 500 words or less. We had hundreds of entries and were amazed by the very high standard, congratulations to all of the individuals and schools who sent stories in.

From our shortlist of 40 writers we have chosen one winner and 10 runners-up. Click on their names to read their brilliant stories.


Luke Cavanaugh age 12

Luke wins a fantastic engraved Lamy Studio fountain pen, plus a Da Vinci journal, courtesy of Pen Heaven.


Our 10 runners-up win a selection of 4 fantastic Pen Heaven online pens.

Ben Syrett age 8 (St Andrews)
Devan Singh Wasan age 11
Emmanuella Itopa age 11 (St Edmunds)
Hana Andari age 11
Imogen Usherwood age 13
Jodi Lawson age 10 (Westwoodside)
Meghan Togher age 12
Oliver Morris age 7
Robert Ebner-Statt age 7
Sian Hammond age 7 (Brightside)

The shortlist

Aaron Barrie age 11 (Wallacewell)
Aimee Shah age 10
Anthony Fox age 9
Beth Roberts age 12
Bethany Kippin age 12
Charlie Mack age 10
Carrie Year 4 (Rydes Hill)
Curtis Hibbert Year 7 (Venerable Bede)
Daniel Matthews age 8
Emily-Kate Merchant age 10
Evie Langford-Smith age 11
Flavie pierre age 13
Gaby Owen age 10
Gwendoline Thornton age 11
Himmat Jhita age 7
Jasmine Reay age 13
Jessica Barrett age 12 (St Edmunds)
Jia Syed age 13
Kelly Wong age 9
Lanella Wall age 10
Lucy Gaston age 12
Luke Bresnen Year 7 (Venerable Bede)
Lewis Campbell Year 7 (Venerable Bede)
Miranda Fotheringham age 13
Molly Bolding age 13
Rachel Garratt age 9 (Birdwell)
Ratnavi Lambotharan age 7
Ronnie Willmott age 7 (Bramingham)
Sambavi Ehamparem age 12

Full details of the competition can be found here.

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