Improve your reading for Functional Skills

woman reading

Looking for support with your reading ahead of your Functional Skills exam? These activities will help you be a better reader. Learn about the purpose of different texts, the difference between fact and opinion, and how to scan and skim.

Improving your reading skills

Things you can do everyday to make your reading skills better.

Activity 1: reading and understanding

Find out some strategies to help you understand different texts.

Activity 2: finding the purpose

Learn how to find the purpose and author of a text.

Activity 3: what is the purpose of the text

Learn the different purposes: to persuade, to inform, to entertain, to argue and to explain.

Activity 4: scanning and skimming a text

Find out how scanning and skimming can help you answer questions about a text.

Activity 5: facts and opinions

Learn how to differentiate fact from opinion.

Activity 6: your reading list

Suggested books to read to practice your new skills.

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