Professional communication in the workplace

Young professionals in the workplace

What is professional communication?

  • Communication involves passing information between people or organisations.
  • Communicating professionally at work is a key skill and an important part of our daily lives.
  • Communicating professionally can lead you to a better job and earn you respect from your colleagues and customers or service users.
  • Being professional means you have the skills and attitude to be able to connect with others well in a work environment.


Register is created by the way that language and grammar are used. It can be formal or informal.

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We use formal language when:

  • Talking or writing to someone we don’t know, someone we work with or customers/service users.
  • Writing non-fiction such as instructions, explanations or reports.
  • Writing formal letters or emails.

We use informal language when:

  • Talking or writing to someone we know well.
  • Writing letters to friends and close family.
  • Writing emails and texts to people we know.
Formal vs informal exercise

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