Start planning your #Merky Books New Writers' Prize entry


#Merky Books is an award-winning book publishing imprint launched by Stormzy and Penguin Random House UK in 2018. It is a home for underrepresented voices and provides a platform where their stories can be told, heard and uplifted. 

They have now launched the second #Merky Books New Writers’ Prize, an annual writing competition that is open to young, underrepresented, and unpublished writers from across the UK and the Republic of Ireland.

Here are some exercises to help you plan your entry:

  1. The setting: draw a map of your home (or a place you feel you belong) and label it with a description of sensory experiences such as smells, sounds, textures etc.
  2. Characters: create a social media profile for your main character (protagonist) either using this Instagram template or on your preferred social platform.
  3. Plot: draft your story by drawing or making notes about the characters and the main events that happen. This storyboard sheet might help.

This competition has now closed.

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