Sofa Session 3



To celebrate National Poetry Day, we are introducing young people to some of the UK's most exciting young poets. Instagram star Nikita Gill and award winning poet Sanah Ahsan will be performing live on our Instagram for our third Sofa Session.

This event allows young people to learn from the experts and explore their own creative expression in a fun and relaxed learning environment.

Join us live next week on 5 October on the National Literacy Trust's Instagram from 6pm.

Nikita Gill

Nikita is a British-Indian writer and poet living in the south of England. Her passion for poetry is clear and has captivated over half a million Instagram followers. Her latest novel The Girl and the Goddess comes out this week, which explores themes such as sisterhood and identity told through poems and stories.

Follow to her Instagram: @nikita_gill

Follow her on Twitter: @nktgill

Sanah Ahsan

Sanah is a queer muslim womxn whose award winning work is centred around compassion and redefining our understanding of mental health. Some of Sanah's work includes presenting a Channel 4 documentary and performing for the BBC and Shakespeare's Globe. She is currently writing her debut poetry collection.

Follow her on Instagram: @sanah_ahsan

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