Top tips for a successful presentation

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Tips for an effective presentation

1. Make your presentation visual. Avoid using lengthy sentences and instead use images, charts, graphs or videos to catch your audience’s attention.

2. Show passion. The most important thing about a presentation is to connect with your audience and to show you care about the topic you are talking about.

3. Start strong. The first two minutes of your presentation are crucial, you need to grab your audience’s attention. Remember to always introduce yourself.

4. Make eye contact. You might feel nervous but making eye contact will build-up rapport with your audience and help them to connect with you and your presentation.

5. Smile. By smiling you will feel less nervous and it will help your audience relax too.

6. Tell stories. Avoid overcrowding your presentation with facts and numbers, instead use stories that will help your audience to engage and relate with your message.

7. The rule of three. Studies have shown that people will remember three things from your presentation. Build your presentation around your three most important points.

8. Practise. The more confident and comfortable you are with your ideas the better you will come across.

9. Speak slowly. When you are nervous you will be tempted to speak quickly. Take a few deep breaths before you start and remember to pause.

10. Prepare answers to expected questions. Although you can’t predict what questions you will be asked, it’s a good idea to think of answers to expected questions ahead of the presentation.

11. Be confident. Remember that your audience want you to do well.