Asking questions with books

Asking questions with books

Looking at books together helps to get your child chatting.

You can look at any book, magazine or photos your child likes. Sit down together and ask them questions about what you’re looking at.

Try asking: “What’s this?” Or ask them to point to something, like “Where’s Spot’s ball?” You can ask them about details like colours, shapes and naming people.

Be patient when they answer questions. Encourage them to describe what they see or make up stories based on what they’re looking at. It’s not about right or wrong – just having fun and learning!

Doing this often will make your child feel confident with books and telling stories as they get older.

Children like picture books for the games and chats you can have around them, not just for the stories. They’ll enjoy sharing their books with you in this quality time.

If you don’t have any books with you, you can also do this by looking at things around your home or when walking down the street. Point out interesting things and ask your little one to describe it or to tell you about the things they like. The supermarket is a good place to try this because there’s lots to look at!

Good to know

Asking your child questions will develop their early language skills and help them grow in confidence.