Winter Wonderland

Brrrrr.... it's getting cold!

In these cold winter days and evenings, what could be more cosy than snuggling up in the warmth with some good books and a fair few fun activities to do with your little ones!

During these colder months, we are here to indulge you and your families with ideas, so wrap up warm and welcome these wintery wonders!

Winter reading and activities

Seasonal Fun & Activities

'Tis the season to be jolly, tra, la, la, la, la... Christmas comes to cheer us all during these dark, cold winter months. It is a time when families spend time together at home, we decorate trees in our homes, make delicious food, sip on hot, warming drinks and show appreciation for our friends and loved ones with the sharing of gifts. With more time on our hands than usual, it's a chance for us to spend quality time with each other.

Here, we bring you lots of suggestions on how to keep your children entertained over the festive period.

  • Chat, play, read at Christmas

    Chat, Play, Read at Christmas

    There’s lots of ways to keep your children entertained over the festive period. The best part is, these activities will help them learn new words and develop their communication skills too!

    Chat, play, read at Christmas
  • Chatting together at Christmas

    Chat together at Christmas

    Chat with your child to teach them new words this Christmas

    Chat together at Christmas
  • Play Together at Christmas 4

    Play together at Christmas

    Play with your child and support their early development

    Play together at Christmas
  • Reading Together at christmas

    Read together at Christmas

    Cosy up and share a story this Christmas

    Read together at Christmas
Advent Calendar

Top 50 books every child should read

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