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Book Top Trumps

person drawing

Get your child to rank their favourite books and turn it into a card game! You can make the cards yourself at home. Just cut out as many as you want in rectangles that are the same size.

Here are the categories you need on each card:

Book title:

Characters: X/10

Story: X/10

Setting: X/10

Suspense: X/10

Help your child fill in the book title and the scores, replacing the ‘X’ with a score out of 10. You can add your own categories too!

Write the total score at the top of each card.

Encourage them to illustrate each card. They can either copy the book cover or a picture of a character or the setting.

As they fill in the cards, ask your child questions. Which book do you like more? Which do you think will have the highest score? Why are you giving it a high / low score? This encourages them to think and chat about books and stories.

All done? You’re ready to play!

Divide the cards into equal piles, one for each player. Take turns laying a card until everyone has put one down, face up. Whoever has the highest scoring card, wins the hand!