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Draw your own pirate ship


Lots of children enjoy games and activities about pirates. They’re full of adventures about treasure, exotic islands and sea monsters.

This activity encourages your child to put their creativity to use by imagining their own pirate ship!

What to do

First, they will need a piece of paper to draw on. Then any pencils, crayons or pens you can find.

Bright colours will help them bring their pirate ship to life!

Next, explain to them that you are going to draw a pirate ship together. Ask them to imagine what their pirate ship looks like. Here are some questions you can ask to help them think about it:

  • How big is the pirate ship?
  • What is the ship made out of?
  • Does it have a special flag?
  • What’s on the ship? Maybe other pirates, treasure or animals…


Let your child take the lead in deciding how the pirate ship should look and putting it down on paper.

You can stick other things to the paper to finish it off. Maybe some foil for the treasure or a piece of cloth for the flag.

What's next?

If your little one enjoyed this exercise, you can also get them to draw their pirate crew. They can be the captain. Who else is on the pirate ship with them? Where are they setting sail to?

They can draw maps and treasure islands for their crew to follow.