Find your superhero name

Boy dressed as superhero
This activity is for your little superhero at home. It will get them thinking about the letters of the alphabet. They can use the letters of their name to pick out their own superhero name.

First name Last name
A - Captain A - Gem
B - Super B - Hornet
C - Doctor C - Wolf
D - The Phantom D - Storm
E - Ultra E - Master
F - Amazing F - Cobra
G - Lightning G - Brain
H - Giant H - Knight
I - Razor I - Claw
J - Steel J - Beast
K - Ghost K - Viper
L - Secret Agent L - Edge
M - Top Agent M - Blaze
N - Kinetic N - Fang
O - Black O - Falcon
P - The Great P - Soldier
Q - Major Q - Avenger
R - Professor R - Wing
S - Mightily S - Justice
T - Crimson T - Machine
U - Tough U - Guard
V - Iron V - Ninja
W - Thunder W - Arrow
X - The Flying X - Ranger
Y - Wonder Y - Ivy
Z - Space Z - Eagle

Once they have their new superhero name, help them to write it out. Now, encourage them to use their imagination to bring this superhero to life! What’s their superpower? Do they have a costume? A car? A sidekick? A secret mission?

They can draw their superhero and make up stories about them.