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Finishing a story

Child writing

A lot of children start writing or telling stories but finishing one can be trickier. You can help you child write or tell complete stories with this handy structure. It reminds them that their story can have a beginning, middle and end.

If they’re trying to write a story, you can share these pointers with them. You can chat about them or even write them on the piece of paper they are writing their story on.

Here are some ways to talk to them about their story. These questions can help them think the story through and decide what happens in it.


The beginning should be what started your story. Did your character find a treasure map or meet someone mysterious?


The middle is the adventure! What is your character doing? Are they searching for someone or lost in the jungle?


The ending is how the story turned out. Is it happy, sad… or maybe it isn’t finished yet! You can always make another story.

If your child gets stuck writing, they can try drawing parts of the story to help explain it.