Go on a word hunt!

5-8 girl with binoculars.png

There are words in all sorts of places around the home – not only in books, magazines and newspapers, but also on food packaging, toys and birthday cards.

You can help your child to learn lots of new words by trying this word hunt activity together.

A word hunt at home

Encourage your child to look for these words around your home. They should try to find the words in as many different places as they can. Use a pen and paper to write down the word and where they found it. You can also note down how long it took.

  • A word with 8 or more letters
  • A work with a ‘q’ in it
  • A word that is the name of a person or character
  • A word that makes you feel happy
  • A word that you don’t know the meaning of
  • A word beginning with the letter ‘a’
  • A word that can have two different meanings
  • A word that has 3 letters or less

Top tips

  • Try completing the challenge against the clock with a stopwatch or timer on a mobile phone.
  • After completing the hunt, talk to your child about the meaning of the words they found but may not yet understand. You can also talk about which words they especially like.
  • Challenge your child to create their own word hunt for other family members.

Create your own word hunt

Your child could also create their own word hunt by thinking of categories like those above and challenging friends or family to find the words in the quickest time!