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Word hunt

5-8 girl with binoculars.png

This is an activity you can do with your child over several days. It’s something you can play at home and while you’re out and about. It will encourage your child to read words, not just in books, but all around them. Reading a little and often will build their confidence.

Let your child know you are doing a word hunt together. Here are some places you can look for words:

  • Books
  • Food packets
  • Birthday cards
  • Shopping lists
  • Toys
  • Calendars
  • Signs

Write or make a table with your word challenges. See how quickly you can complete it!

Write what the word was and where you saw it.

Find a word…

  • With 8 letters or more
  • With a ‘q’ in it
  • Which is the name of a person or character
  • Which makes you feel happy
  • That you don’t know the meaning of
  • Beginning with the letter ‘a’
  • Which can have two different meanings
  • Which has 3 letters of less
Create your own word hunt

Now have a go at making your own word hunt with your child. Set each other challenges to find words with interesting letters, different lengths and meanings. Perhaps words that begin with the same letter as your child’s name or have a special meaning.