Have fun with water


What different noises can you make in water? It’s time to head into your bathroom!

This is a great activity to get your little ones taking part in sensory play while listening to and copying the sounds they hear.

You will need

Dark water splash

  • A bowl or bath
  • Water
  • Things to drop in the water- e.g. plastic toys, a straw, dry pasta, pebbles, marbles or paper


  1. Fill up a bowl with water or run some water in the bath
  2. Take it in turns to put different things in the water, watching as they sink or float
  3. Try splashing to make ripples or using a straw to blow bubbles
  4. Listen to the noises – splish, splash, plop, bubble and slurp. Have a go at repeating the noises with your child

Top tip
You could always try this at bath time while getting your little one ready for bed.

Dark water splash