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Podcasts for kids

Listen and learn with podcasts

Listening to podcasts with your child is fun and easy fit into your day-to-day life. It’s no wonder they’re becoming so popular!

How can sharing podcasts help your child learn at home?

  • Most podcasts are free and can be accessed on smartphones, laptops and smart speakers.
  • Many podcasts are really high quality with professional hosts, narrators and experts so the whole family can enjoy them together.
  • Children love talking to their family about what they’ve listened to, sharing what they’ve learned and doing activities inspired by the things they hear.
  • Listening to podcasts can be an ideal alternative to screen time during long journeys, cosying up in bad weather or for a story before bed!
  • They may help encourage children to use their imagination.

Check out these great podcasts examples

CBeebies Bedtime Stories

A selection of lovely, short bedtime stories for younger children, featuring popular picture book favourites brought to life by top actors and celebrities including Tom Hardy and Dolly Parton.

Fun Kids Story Quest

This podcast series from Fun Kids – the UK’s radio station for children – features stories that are perfect for children and families of all ages. Listen in the car, chilling at home or before bedtime. Fun Kids also have a range of other podcasts about things your child might be interested in, from science and space to comedy and sports.

500 Words: Bedtime Stories

Dick and Dom present some of the winning bedtime stories written for kids, by kids from the popular BBC Radio 2 writing competition, 500 Words. Explore stories with themes for every mood, from animals and adventures to travel and technology.

Goodnight Stories for Rebel Girls

Following on from the bestselling book, this podcast highlights stories about extraordinary and brilliant women from the worlds of politics, sports, arts and so much more. The stories are narrated in short and snappy 20 minute episodes.

Story Pirates

A bright, fun and jolly podcast where well-known celebrities, musicians and actors read children’s original, creative and often hilarious story ideas aloud. Children’s stories include The World Wide Race of the Worst Cars and The Monkey and the Ice Skates.

The Creeping Hour

A brand new horror-themed podcast perfect for Goosebumps fans. It is suitable for all ages, especially children aged 8-12, and for families to enjoy together. Perhaps not one to listen to in the dark!

Radiolab for Kids

Great for curious families. This podcasts features child-friendly episodes from a long-running American podcast and radio series, exploring everything from the music of animals to the speed of thought.

The Week Junior Show

This podcast takes you behind the scenes of the award-winning magazine for 8 to 14-year-olds. Each week, Bex from Fun Kids is joined by members of The Week Junior team to discuss their favourite stories, debate the week’s hot topic and discover whether the ‘Real or Rubbish?’ report is fake news or the real deal.


The SCOOP is a podcast for children and families which celebrates reading, writing and creativity, brought to you by SCOOP Magazine. Each month Joe Haddow is joined by popular children’s authors and illustrators to talk about their books, inspirations and answer questions from our young roving reporters.

Podcasts for children