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Listen up! Practise speaking and listening


Is your child a good listener? Are they able to follow clear instructions? Put their speaking and listening skills to the test in this fun game.

Can they listen well enough to draw an exact copy of their partner’s page without being able to see it?

What your child will need:

  • A partner
  • A barrier such as a blindfold or book (or you can simply turn back to back)
  • Paper
  • Pen or pencil

How it works

The aim of the game is to create an exact copy of your partner’s page without being able to see it. You have to rely on spoken words only!

Follow these simple steps to have a go:

Step 1:

Decide who is ‘the explainer’ and who is ‘the listener’

There can be more than one listener if you are playing in a group. Ensure that the listener and explainer cannot see each other’s paper but can hear each other clearly.

Step 2:

The explainer should draw on their paper only the 5 shapes given below.

You can choose to put them in any order on the page.

Listen up activity.png

Step 3:

Your challenge is to get the listener to draw the 5 shapes in exactly the same place on their own page only by following the instructions of the explainer

Step 4:

The listener can ask questions to clarify and check what the explainer has said. Here are some examples of useful questions:

Listen up activity.png

Step 5:

Finally, remove the barrier and compare the two pages to check your results.

How similar are your drawings? Don’t forget to reflect and share what went well as well as what was unclear!