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Make a book cover

Make a book cover.jpg

To encourage your child’s love of books, you can help show them that books can be fun. After all, it’s all about enjoying stories!

In this activity, you can show them how to make their own book cover and imagine what it would be like if they wrote a book.

First, you’ll need a piece of paper and coloured pens or pencils.

Make a book cover.png

Step 1: Fold the piece of paper in half so it can open like a book.

Step 2: Then ask you child to think about what their book might be about. A pet? Their family? Or perhaps something magical or set in space? Whatever they like!

Step 3: Now the book needs a title to write on the cover. You can chat through a few ideas before they pick one. Encourage them to write it down.

Step 4: Next, they need a picture to go on the front cover. Encourage them to chat about what the book is about:

  • Maybe something about the story can go on the front cover.
  • How do they want the cover to make the reader feel? Frightened? Amused? Excited?

Step 5: And finally, every book needs an author. Help your child write their name on it!

To expand the activity, ask your little one to write a book ‘blurb’ on the back cover.

This is a short description of what happens in the book to get a reader interested.