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Make fantastic shadow beasts

IOP make

We've teamed up with the Institute of Physics to help overcome the stereotypes that surround learning about physics, encourage parents to become great role models for this subject and to inspire children to enjoy learning more about science. Have a go at the activity below to show your child how physics can be relevant to their everyday life.

How to make your own shadow beasts

You will need:

  • A torch
  • A glass
  • A supermarket bag
  • A cereal box

What to do:

  • Point the torch at the glass, supermarket bag and cereal box
  • Try moving the torch around. Is the shadow different when you shine from above compared to the side?
  • Move the torch far away and up close to the object, what do you notice about the shadow?
  • Can you spot the difference between all of these shadows? Which one do you think is transparent (lets all the light through), translucent (lets some light through) and opaque (blocks out all the light)?

Now you know your stuff, it’s time to make your Fantastic Shadow Beasts. Collect different household objects to build a shape that will cast a beast-like shadow when you shine your torch at it! It could have spikes, or a curly tail!

Find out more about this activity on page 26 of the Institute of Physics’ Discovering Our World activity pack - coming soon!