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Maria's Island activities

Maria's Island

We might not be able to get away this summer, but we hope these activities inspired by the book Maria's Island by Victoria Hislop will make you think you sunny, happy memories of holidays abroad.

Download the activity

This beautiful Maria’s Island postcard includes a blank space for you to fill in with a drawing of your own! What do you think might fit in the space? Another island in the distance? Or an old castle? Maybe a boat floating away! Once you’ve completed your masterpiece, you can use the other side to write a short letter to a friend or family member about your drawing.

Download the postcard

Write about your precious things

When the illustrator, Gill Smith, was drawing the pictures for Maria’s Island, she thought about what things Maria’s mum would pack in her suitcase to remind her of her family and imagined what things would be important to Maria when she had to leave home too.

Sometimes the most ordinary things can become precious treasures because they remind us of people or happy times. What are your precious things and what do they remind you of? – Gill Smith

Walker precious things

Watch the video

Hear a reading of Maria's Island from the author, Victoria Hislop.

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About Maria's Island

This adaptation of Victoria Hislop’s bestselling novel for younger readers focuses on the experience of children on the Greek island of Spinalonga and reflects the ways we treat those who are different. The story is told by Maria Petrakis, one of the children in the original version of The Island.

Maria’s Island by Victoria Hislop, illustrated by Gill Smith, is out now published by Walker Books.