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Minibeast exploration

Children love to learn about minibeasts.

dad- bug

Exploring minibeasts is a good opportunity for them to learn about the natural world and how we can support it. The science side will also open up children's curiosity as they learn names, count legs and discuss habitats. Here are a few ideas to try...

Ideas to explore minibeasts with your child


This is something little ones are very good at, and they often notice more than us. Next time you see a line of ants or a spider spinning a web, try stopping to observe them at work. After watching them a while, you can start to point out what you notice, and maybe offer some questions.

Are they carrying anything?

Where are they going?

This can lead to lots of talking points. If you have more time you can go on a bug hunt. Consider where you find them, and talk about the habitat using words to describe it such as dark, damp or dry. You could take photos/video to watch and go onto read more about their lives when you get home or go to the library.

Make a Bug Hotel

You can make a bug hotel on a balcony or in a garden. They can be made by stacking recycled materials such as wood, bricks, pinecones, cardboard and leaves together creating small spaces that are inviting. The hardest part is waiting for someone to move in!

Bug hotel

Bug Crafts

You can paint stones or even use felt tips to create your own creatures. Ladybirds tend to work very well and brighten up your outside space. Some people like to decorate stones and hide them for other people to find in their local area.



Songs and Rhymes

There are so many fun songs about bugs. They expand your child’s vocabulary and singing really does make us feel good. Here are a few of our favourites with the words and a video too.

Wiggly Woo nursery rhyme

Incy Wincy Spider

Ladybird nursery rhyme

Five Little Speckled Frogs