Pretend to cook

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You can play kitchens with your child just using things you have at home. First, you need to gather things that can be your cooking equipment. Pots and pans work well, as well as spoons, plastic cups, cake trays or whisks. Anything that’s not breakable and isn’t sharp.

Next, you need some ingredients! Get your child to be creative. Remember, you’re not cooking real food, so these can be whatever you want. Things they’ve found outside, like pinecones, stones or leaves, or maybe something you have around your home, like cardboard, tissues, tinsel, an old scarf… the possibilities are endless.

If you have playdough, this works especially well. You can make playdough cakes and make toppings or mix things into it. Let your child be the chef and suggest things to make or cook with.

Try to make believe cooking foods your child eats often.

You can invite your child’s toys to a tea party so they can try the food. Afterwards, you can teach your child about cleaning up as you put your kitchen away.

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Good to know

Open ended play (where you don’t use toys with an intended goal) is a wonderful way for your child to express their imagination and curiosity.