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Protect the planet with fun activities from Siemens

No planet B

We’ve teamed up with Siemens, a technology company that is playing their part in looking after our world, to help children to better understand the climate crisis.

What is climate change?

Planet Earth is getting warmer because greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, like carbon dioxide (CO2), are blocking heat from escaping.

Humans in rich countries burn fossil fuels like coal and oil to power homes and cars, which causes more and more CO2 to be released into the atmosphere. People in poorer, developing countries are also using more CO2, but as they have less money, they are suffering the most with the impact of climate change and struggling to make changes to help them cope. These new conditions in droughts, storms and rising sea levels.

What can I do if I’m worried about climate change?

As children will be on Earth longer than today’s adults, it’s very normal to feel worried about the future of the planet and the animals and humans who live here - this is called climate anxiety. According to a survey, 73% of children are worried about the environment.

If you are worrying a lot about climate change, it’s important to speak to someone about how you feel. You could also have a think about how you can make a difference in your own life to help stop the impact of climate change. This could be:

  • Walking to school rather than taking the car
  • Turning off lights when you leave a room
  • Recycling your plastic, paper and cardboard
  • Wasting less food
  • Buying second-hand clothes and toys.

Try these activities and get to know climate change

The decarbonisation mission

Join this out of this world mission to secure a sustainable future for Planet Earth! Your fellow crew has discovered a new planet, but its climate is unstable. Explore the five regions and find out what’s causing high levels of greenhouse gases by collecting information tokens.

Play the game.

Siemens infinity ship

Green City

As the city manager, it’s your role to manage the quality of the air for the people living and working in Green City. Bad air quality could be caused by older vehicles and could be harmful for both older and younger residents, so it’s your job to take action if levels drop too low.

Play the game.

Energy Island

You are responsible for supplying electricity to the 5,000 people living on Energy Island over 24 hours. Explore the landscape to set up a system that will work effectively without damaging the environment.

Play the game.

Siemens Energy Island

Energy Farm

Use your 20 token budget to organise the energy for a farm. You’ll need to keep the farmhouse warm and make sure all the equipment is working properly, but each system costs money so can you keep running costs as low as possible while avoiding any power cuts?

Play the game.

Siemens energy farm

Smart Infrastructures

Discover fascinating modules about sustainable cities, decarbonisation and learn how to become a green leader while encouraging others around you to lead a more sustainable lifestyle.

Play the game.

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