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Read and explore Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Mrs Armitage on Wheels

Mrs Armitage on Wheels tells the story of Mrs Armitage, who sets off for a quiet cycle but just can't help thinking of ways to improve her bicycle. Use this book to inspire your young inventors to come up with their own creations.

Watch the story

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  • As you are reading the story together, encourage your child to talk about what is happening on each page. Discuss why each item has been added to the bicycle and how it might work
  • Add actions to the story to show what Mrs Armitage is adding to the bicycle, for example pretending to squeeze the horns and acting out washing your hands
  • Ask questions about what they think might happen next. For example, “what else might Mrs Armitage add to the bicycle?”

Invention Play

Make the bicycle

Use a construction toy like Lego or recycled materials to make Mrs Armitage’s bicycle. Remember to include a seat for Breakspear the dog and somewhere to keep the snacks!

Continue the story

Talk about what Mrs Armitage might add to the roller skates and whether it will work better than the bicycle.

Invent your own vehicle

Choose another vehicle such as a car or a scooter. Talk about what things you would like to add, for example a basket for a cuddly toy. Have a go at drawing or making the design. You could make a life size version by using big cardboard boxes and other recycled materials.

Make up a song

Use the nursery rhyme The Wheels on the Bus and make up your own version. You could sing about the wheels and horns on Mrs Armitage’s bicycle.

For older children

Draw and label a new vehicle! It could be a flying car, a skateboard that sails on water a broomstick or even a flying carpet.