Setting a reading example

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Your child will often want to copy the things they see you doing. This is because they look to you to know how to behave. So, if there’s something you want your child to enjoy or engage with, it can help them to see you doing that thing often.

Reading is a great example of this. The more your child sees you read, the more they will want to do it. Of course, books are an important part of this, but there are several ways you can set an example reading. Recipes, magazines, shopping lists, signs and posters – reading them aloud and looking at them will encourage your child to be curious about them.

If you’re reading things online, try to read this aloud to your child. This shows them that what you’re doing has a purpose. It will also allow them to ask questions and chat to you about what you’re reading. This is a way of sharing interests with your child and introducing them to new words and ideas.

You might sometimes hear this being called ‘modelling’. That means setting an example for your child by doing that thing yourself.

Good to know

When children see their parents reading for enjoyment, they will assume that reading is a fun and natural experience and will be more likely to want to do it.

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